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CAR is currently published as an Open Access Journal. We invite papers of variable length, between 2000 and 7000 words, APA style. For inquiries and submissions, please contact us.

Foreword from Laurel Richardson, Vol. 1, Issue 1
Foreword from Carolyn Ellis and Art Bochner, Vol. 1, Issue 2

Excerpt from Editorial, CAR (2012), Volume 5, Issue 1:

The essence of the debate about research in Australia is increasingly situated at the core of how education and aspects of schooling cultures in the 21st century accommodates the embodiment of differences and reflects alternative realities. CAR began its life five years ago with a commitment to offer fertile ground for creativity in all fields of academic endeavour. Perhaps, now more than ever, in the ERA of standardisation and performative norming, there is a need for a journal that sets out to do such work.

CAR has increasingly been attracting a readership and submissions from as far a field as the USA, the UK, North and South East Asia; from scholars whose scholarship traverses the disparate fields of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences. CAR is committed to promoting and publishing such scholarship and for providing a space that uniquely explores and innovates in research practice. It is our aim, as the editors of CAR, for the journal to situate scholastic discussion in the broader international context so that the implications of contemporary research can continue to be viewed from a big picture perspective.

Call For Papers

Call for papers: special issue on ‘creative approaches to research in further, adult and higher education’

Editors: Dr. Liz Atkins [Northumbria University, UK] and Dr. Jonathan Tummons [Durham University, UK]

What do we mean when we talk about creativity in educational research, and how might different constructions of creativity help mediate the research process? Through this special issue, we are seeking to open up a variety of discussions, rooted in both empirical and theoretical work, around creative methods and methodologies in educational research, focusing on further, adult and higher education. We welcome papers, abstracts and suggestions for papers on the following indicative themes:

  • Constructions of creativity in educational research
  • Creative methods in educational research – for example: photography and film, social media, performance, lego
  • Methodologies for creative educational research and finding new ways to do research with specific groups – for example: basic skills learners, learners with specific disabilities
  • Creative methods as a vehicle for the voice of the researched
  • The ethics of creativity in educational research, and creative responses to demands for ethical research


For abstracts [200 words] and proposals: November 31, 2016

For full papers [6-7,000]: April 30, 2017

Final Revisions:  December 31, 2017

Abstracts, proposals and any queries should be directed to the editors:

Current Issue

Download the current issue here:

Creative Approaches to Research Vol 9 No 1


“The Fountain Pen”: Song and Storying through A/r/tographical Conversation with Senile Dementia  by Daniel Lowell Bakan click to read

Like a Porcupine or Hedgehog? The Prose Poem as Post-Romantic Fragment by Cassandra Atherton & Paul Hetherington  click to read

And Time Stood Still: Healing from Suicide through Research by Teresa Rishel click to read

The Main Principles of Modern Pedagogy in ‘Didactica Magna’ of
John Amos Comenius by Domenica Maviglia click to read

Changing Faces: Visual Representations of Asylum Seekers in Times of Crisis by Caroline Lenette & Sienna Cleland click to read

Collaborative Reflective Experience and Practice in Education Explored through Self-study and Arts-based Research by Shelley Hannigan, Jo Raphael, Peta White, Leicha A. Bragg, & John Cripps Clark click to read

Discourse as Ritual: Reflecting on the Multi-Literacies of Religious Practice in Cuba by Jonathan Torres click to read

Bodies Over the Tamar: A Phenomenological Approach to Practice-Based Poetry Research in Cornwall, UK by Annabel Banks click to read

Drawing Out Ideas: Visual Journaling as a Knowledge Creating Medium During Doctoral Research by Hazel Messenger click to read


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Dr Mark Vicars, Victoria University, Australia

International Advisory Board:

Professor Laurel Richardson, Ohio State University
Professor Carolyn Ellis, University of South Florida
Professor Art Bochner, University of South Florida
Professor Pat Sikes, University of Sheffield
Dr Monica Prendergast, Lesley University
Dr Carla Corroto, Radford University
Dr Kelly Clark/Keefe, Appalachian State University
Dr Sophie Tamas, Queen’s University
Professor Nita Cherry, Swinburne University
Dr Laura Brearley, RMIT University
Dr Liz Atkins, Northumbria University
Professor Elaine Martin, Victoria University

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